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Setting up new game gardens - January 20, 2021

I am happy to update that I have reached a summary with the representatives of the Jerusalem municipality on the establishment of two new game gardens near each other in the area adjacent to the Berlin House, which will undergo a significant upgrade

One garden will include diverse amusement facilities for children and will give an important answer to families. Next to it a fenced dog garden will be built, which will replace the one originally designed over the Rabin tunnel in Gan Saqr. In this way, we can respond to the request of residents who raised fear of injury to the sequence of green grounds while presenting the Sakar Garden Upgrade Program.

At the end of building a detailed plan of two fairness, we will hold public participation for the presentation and reference of the residents. I would like to thank the representatives of the Jerusalem Municipality, including the VP of Operations in the Municipality Itzik Nidam, for the cooperation in promoting the establishment of the new fairness and the strenuous work to preserve the balances between the different needs.

In addition, we intend to hold a continuation meeting with the residents to discuss and address the municipal representatives to the various requests that have been raised in the context of the Sakr Garden Upgrade Program on 27.1 at 19:00. A neat message will be published as soon as possible.

Dr. Ofir Lang, Director of the City Heart Community Administration

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